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TF2 Vanilla Tournament!

Jul 30 2015 06:12 PM | Lala in Frontpage

xTcR Vanilla Tourny

WHEN: July 31st at 9pm CST on the Vanilla Server  ( , But be there 20 minutes early so we can get a head count.

SIGN UP HERE: http://xtcr.challong...vanillatftourny

It will be a 6v6 style competitive match. Get a group of your most trusted and best of friends together and compete for awesome prizes!

Double Elim Vanilla Conquest Team Fortress 2 Tourny.

Prizes will be given out to the victors!

Contact Yoshi General for any questions!

Credit to Rain and Castiel for making this pretty c:

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Site back up

Jul 27 2015 02:50 AM | Kuro in Pages

Hey guys, sorry for the downtime, the piece of shit host @chichagovps finally gave me a backup, and i restored it.

unfortunately, their backup was from the 17th.

did it suck having the site and the windows box down this weekend? well thats what it will be like in the future if you dont donate.

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Insurgency All NIghter

Jul 17 2015 12:53 AM | Unicorn in Frontpage

xTcR Pulling An All nighter event

Come join us on our servers and on teamspeack for a night full of fun and games; full of intrigue and death bring your friends!

There will be death, there will be fun, and there will be chaos!!! So come ready with your energy drinks and cocaine.

We will be playing on all of our servers but mostly on are very fun modded gun server!! The ip's are Modded Gunz: and our Mixed Modes:

Join us in the teamspeak which is hts3.xtcr.net for the game give away Saturday the 25th and for just a fun time talking with everyone!!

So get ready and come join us on Saturday the 25th for a night of fun and excitement!!

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Summer Of Events Video (=

Jul 01 2015 06:47 PM | Unicorn in Pages

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