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Event Store Award Updates

Oct 20 2014 05:13 PM | PinkCreeper in Pages

Check out the new 2014 Halloween Award! This item will only be in the store for a limited time so get your hands on it while its still around!

In other Event Store news, due to high demand, the PinkCreeper Award what been increased in price from 1EP to 3EP.

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Sick Shots - Youtube - WhiteDragon

Oct 20 2014 04:25 PM | PinkCreeper in Pages

WhiteDragon has been making these new youtube videos called "Sick Shots".
I recommend you check them out and give him some feedback.

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Insurgency Tournament ROUND 2!!!

Oct 15 2014 09:16 PM | Nine™ in Pages

Saturday 11/01/14 we will be holding a Insurgency Tournament!!

SIGN UPS!!!!!!!

How to participate:

At 3PM eastern on 11/1, simply be on our TeamSpeak server (ts3.xtcr.net) and have filled out the form above. Players who have signed up will be given priority over those who have not.

There will be cash prizes, plus some other goodies for some lucky people who attend (and the winners too, of course).

If you have any questions, contact Remus or Woods. Hope to see you there



× C4 (or IEDs, duh)


× LMGs (M249/RPK)

× Smoke/Nade Launchers

× Heavy Armor (Light armor is okay)

× Chest Carrier (Chest RIG is okay)

✓ All attachments (aside from nade launchers) are OK.

✓ All nades are OK.

Only 2 SMGs per team.

Here is the community post.

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iSketch Event Wendsday 10/15/14

Oct 14 2014 08:30 PM | Nine™ in Pages

We will be doing a iSketch Event Wendsday 10/15/14.

At 7pm Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

We will be using http://www.isketch.net

In teamspeak room Mini Event.

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