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iSketch Event TODAY!!!!! 11...

Nov 19 2014 02:25 PM | Nine™ in Pages

We will be doing a iSketch Event Wednesday 11/19/14!!!!!

At 10pm EST

We will be using http://www.isketch.net/

In teamspeak room Mini Event.

We will be giving away event points like normal also the person with the most wins or last round winner if its a tie will get a copy of INSURGENCY!!!!

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Minecraft BlockOps!

Nov 17 2014 12:55 AM | InfamousTaco in Event Team

IP - blockops.net

xTcR Minecraft Division has hand crafted a Call of Duty Zombies Mod in Minecraft !

Check out the video above for some gameplay and check out the server!

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xTcR Insurgency Tournament CASH PRIZES! 11/...

Nov 10 2014 01:53 AM | Nine™ in Pages

Saturday 12/6/14 we will be holding a Insurgency Tournament!!
This event is sponsered by our friends at www.freebieservers.com (a great server hosting company where
you can get free server space for the small price of having some adds, you can also purchase upgrades, check them out!

We have a winners pot of $200 and a loser bracket of $100!

SIGN UPS!!!!!!!

How to participate:

12/6 at 2PM EST / 1PM Central / 9AM PST Be online on our TeamSpeak server (ts3.xtcr.net) and have filled out the sign up form above. YOU MUST SIGN UP!

If you have any questions, contact Nine. Hope to see you there!!!!


✓ All attachments are OK. (Minus grenade launcher)
✓ All nades are OK.
✓Only 2 SMGs per team.
× C4 (or IEDs, duh)
× LMGs (M249/RPK)
× Smoke/Grenade Launchers
× Heavy Armor (Light armor is okay)
× Chest Carrier (Chest RIG is okay)

We are always looking for new members to join our clan!

Clan forum

Steam Community post

Reddit post

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Stab Your Friends In the Face (or back)

Nov 07 2014 04:22 PM | InfamousTaco in Pages

Trouble In Terrorist Town Event!
Saturday - 10/8 - 11PM EST

Stop by after the meeting!

We will be giving out $40 in Steam Credit as prizes!

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