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Gambling is Wrong and You should NEVER do it.

Oct 24 2014 05:53 PM | InfamousTaco in Event Team

That Being Said -

Real life gambling is such a drag.

A few hours at the Casino could mean spending the night with expensive prostitutes or putting a taxi cab drivers balls in your mouth so that he will take you home to your recently foreclosed house and your crying wife and child.

Well - who the fuck has time for that anyway?

Introducing a new way to get your Gambling fix - In a (mostly) harmless manner!


In the Store are Lottery tickets for 3EP EACH. You can buy up to 3 per day.

You have a chance to win Event Points and Forum Awards.

This is still sort of a beta so if you have any suggestions add them here - and let me know what you think of the odds of winning and the prizes.

For any mentally retarded people - please check the below screenshots for an explanation on how to use the scratch off system.

Posted Image

This is the Category -
Posted Image

Click the below to order a few -

Posted Image

Enter the amount - And add it to your cart

Posted Image

Click 1 Click Buy

Posted Image

Okay you bought a few - good job motherfucker. Now go to your inventory.

Posted Image

Find your ticket - click the little folder

Posted Image


Posted Image

Heres your ticket !

Posted Image

Get three of the same thing (THEY DO NOT HAVE TO BE IN A ROW) on one ticket and win that prize.

Any questions or comments please let us know here.

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Cards Against Humanity TONIGHT!!!...

Oct 23 2014 01:40 PM | Nineā„¢ in Event Team

Tonight 10/23/14 we will be hosting a cards against humanity event!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The event will start at 10pm EST.

Join us in teamspeak under the Mini Events Channel

We will be using this website to play on
The server will be
The Biggest, Blackest Dick:



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Event Store Award Updates

Oct 20 2014 05:13 PM | PinkCreeper in Pages

Check out the new 2014 Halloween Award! This item will only be in the store for a limited time so get your hands on it while its still around!

In other Event Store news, due to high demand, the PinkCreeper Award what been increased in price from 1EP to 3EP.

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Sick Shots - Youtube - WhiteDragon

Oct 20 2014 04:25 PM | PinkCreeper in Pages

WhiteDragon has been making these new youtube videos called "Sick Shots".
I recommend you check them out and give him some feedback.

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