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Bolt Action Insurgency Tournament

Feb 06 2016 01:00 AM | Graylox:D in Pages

We will be having a 1v1 Bolt Action ONLY Tournament TOMMARROW at 3pm EST or 2pm CST. To join all you have to do is be in the channel when the even starts. You will get the IP to the server you will be in, in the channel. The tournament champion will revive a prize. Good luck to all that play! Remember to stay low, quiet, and kill swiftly

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Some Server Down Time

Feb 01 2016 08:59 PM | Graylox:D in Pages

One of our boxes is having HDD errors and we are switching our servers over.Yes we will have some servers down for a little bit but we will be back up in no time. until then lets keep on playing on the many servers we already have up.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The servers that say "Error connecting" are down. those that do not are up. We will be giving ETAs and updates on our
Twitter and our

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TF2 Jailbreak Mini Games Event!

Jan 27 2016 08:36 PM | Graylox:D in Pages

Do you like jailbreak mini games like Sweeper or Nine Square? well come join us for fun and big prizes!

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Chivalry Event!!!

Jan 16 2016 12:40 AM | Graylox:D in Frontpage

Do you want to battle to the death with friends and peers alike? Well have we got something for you! Come to this event and you can decapitate your friends and your enemies!

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