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Story time with Graylox

Sep 01 2014 12:51 AM | PinkCreeper in Media Team Messenger

The Day the Paint Spilled

It was a Glorious day on Tinychat all haveing a wonderful time just being a being funny. when i wanted to show everything in my room. showed some nutcrackers, then i got the inginious idea to get a paint can and make it twerk for the camera. once i got it to my desk it started making twerk I turned it ove not knowing there was a hole causing it to spill....all over my key board. and there i am shitting my pants running back and forth litterly fearing for my life. And everyone laughing there asses off while i am running all around.
And that concludes this story tome with Graylox

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The Event Store!

Aug 25 2014 04:09 PM | PinkCreeper in Media Team Messenger

This post will serve as a brief summary of the Event Store.

The Event Store is an awesome section of our forums found along the navigation bar. You can buy games, forum awards and more things to come with your Event Points (EPoints).

You get EPoints by going to clan Events organised by our Public Relations Team (Game events, Anime Nights etc.), posting screenshots or videos in the Community Media section of the forums or participating in community competitions. InfamousTaco, Nine and PinkCreeper can add EPoints to your forum account so if you do not receive your points after a few days message one of them on the forums or steam. You can see how many EPoints you have by clicking Event Store and then My Profile.

Once you have a few EPoints you can buy things from the store. Return to the Shop tab in the Event Store and go to the category you wish to purchase in, for example the Awards section. Say you wish to purchase the PinkCreeper Award, click the small button just to the left of the price, then add a quantity and add to cart. Once you are looking at your cart, click one click buy to purchase the item/s.

Awards my take a few days to appear on your profile as we must manually add them.

The same process goes for Steam Games and Origin Games, so why not spend some time playing games with your friends around our community to get free games!

If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

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New Items in Event Store!

Aug 31 2014 04:55 PM | InfamousTaco in Event Team

Hey Everyone - Quick Update to let you know that the event store is now overflowing with games!

We now have over 70 Games available!

If you have any questions about how the event store works or are missing points - message InfamousTaco, PinkCreeper, or Nine.

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Cards Against Humanity Event!

Aug 23 2014 04:01 PM | PinkCreeper in Media Team Messenger

We will be using this site:


At this time:
Posted Image

In these channels:

Posted Image

With these settings:

Posted Image

Event Points will be given out!
See youall there!

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