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Gmod TTT Event

Oct 03 2015 01:51 PM | Unicorn in Pages

Garry's Mod Trouble

in Terrorist Town Event:

Come and play tonight at 10pm CST to win! There will be up to 100 dollars of prizes given away by the end of the night.

IP: ttt.xtcr.net

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The journey

Sep 12 2015 01:24 PM | Kuro in Pages

When I got the call, I knew my time was up... it was a dangerous game we were playing with hosts like corespace and dedispec, we knew they wouldn't protect us, and we knew renting our hardware at this price was sucking the life out of our clan, so when the call did come, the first thing the leaders decided was that its time to own our own hardware.

Thus began my journey, finding myself flying out of phoenix to dfw on a 2 day notice and almost no money in my pocket, i aimed myself at a goal and fired like a trueshot arrow until my destination was reached, along this journey were many dangers, many good times and bad, friends made, money lost... this is the story of our servers.

The first stop on my journey was the corespace building, they took me in the back all shady like and brought me to this room that looks like it hasnt changed since the 70s

Posted Image

I waited quite a while until they finally served me the invoice and let me pay - with cash, wouldn't accept anything else, and leave with the boxes.

Posted Image

from here my journey took me to cawicks's house,

Posted Image
ah server sweet server

our goal was to swap the hdds and get cyan running with both cyan and teal's hdd so we could extract data in prep for our temp servers,
this worked really well actually and after some rejiggering we had them online at cawickses house sending data to our comrades!

Posted Image
good times

from here i had a battle to fight, i was on the phone constantly with 2 datacenters trying to find the best solution, we go to the bar and tie one on, and i go home to crash.
when i wake up in the morning, all the leaders had already found and decided on a datacenter, psychz network - so thus began my battle with them.

i call up and get this foxy sounding lady mayra, she assures me she can make this painless and quick, so cawicks and i load up and hit the D

Posted Image
yeah worst picture ever i know

so we cruise on over to this datacenter which btw, is not owned by the company we hired to colo, and the guy at the door has no fucking clue who we are, literally in disbelief.
i make some calls, and in the meantime, while im waiting for them to sort their shit out, snap some pics of our servers new home:

Posted Image
its like the matrix in that bitch

so the guy finally comes back and we hand him the boxes, thinking thats it, the journeys over... but no, no its not.

i get back to my place in dallas, and thats when the true war begins, this company hasnt put them online yet because they dont have the hardware, they want to charge us for rails, cords, etc which yeah, i paid lol. so with that paid they have finally racked 2 of our 3 boxes, waiting for parts for the third one.

all in all, the journey was long and hard, but worth it to own our hardware... let this be a lesson to all community's, buy your hardware the first time.

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xTcR Needs You!

Sep 08 2015 04:42 PM | KushLove in Frontpage

As many of you know xTcR has been facing some downtime in the past few days. We are doing our best to resolve the issues and bring back our servers for you to enjoy.

The leadership decided the best action would be to purchase our hardware that our servers have been running on for the past few years, as this allows us to bring our servers online in the shortest time possible, and with the same quality you have come to expect from xTcR servers.

The hardware for hosting our game servers came to a total of $1623 dollars, as well as an estimated $400 for shipping to our new data center in Kansas City

Please consider donating to help us cover these costs and bring our servers back online


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xTcR Vs. DifferentCraft

Sep 04 2015 10:58 PM | Unicorn in Pages

Rest in peace DifferentCraft.

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