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We Need You!

Jul 25 2014 11:00 PM | CovariantPrawn5 in Media Team Messenger

The PR Division needs your help guys.  Any game recordings, screenshots, TS3 recordings, demos, anything that we can make into some good content we need you to submit it to either InfamousTaco or the Pinks (PinkCreeper/Pinkie).

     Also make use of the in-game screenshot option.  Those screenshots are automatically uploaded into the steam community where we have members browsing for anything that we can use.  We might end up featuring something you took without you even doing anything with it!

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PR has Taken Over Twitter!

Jul 24 2014 10:55 PM | PinkCreeper in Pages

Public Relations has taken over the xTcR Twitter! Click the image below to be taken to the Twitter, follow and favorite us! You will see Pinkie, LilMonky and Eric and myself 'Tweeting' there and any ideas are much appreciated.

Posted Image

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TF2 Jailbreak Deathmatch and Games - PR Event

Jul 23 2014 06:35 PM | PinkCreeper in Media Team Messenger

This Saturday at 11:00PM EST on the xTcR TF2 servers...

An awesome TF2 Event will occur, with $60 of items being given away!
We will be having JB #1 and a possible new server set to plain deathmatch.
What will we be doing you ask? Everything you could ever want on a Jailbreak Maps.
Giant friendly fire fights, Team v Team, Minigames and anything else you could ever dream of
While giving out heaps of items on both servers.

Join us for an event you don't want to miss!
IPs will be posted closer to the event around the forums and Facebook.

Thank you Death By Pony for providing the server/s and to InfamousTaco & PR for the Items.

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Garry's Mod Event - SIGN UP HERE!

Jul 14 2014 03:58 AM | InfamousTaco in Event Team


The Public Relations Team is hosting a big event this Saturday - a Garry's Mod Time Trial Event.

Everyone is encouraged to sign up - even non clan members.

We will have a $40 Grand Prize to the winner.... given as steam games of the winners choice.

Event Details -

We will be using a bracket system to pair players off against each other. Compete in the three events against your opponent and try for the best time! The final two players will face off in a special challenge to decide the winner.

If you want to prepare - I HIGHLY reccomend learning how to make a basic car!
Watch the below video and keep in mind one thing - you CANNOT PUT THRUSTERS ON THE BACK OF YOUR CAR FOR PROPULSION. You can add thrusters to the sides of your car for STEERING. Your car should be made of some combination of a Wheels (using the wheel tool)... thrusters on the SIDES for steering - all attached to some prop to hold it all together. And a seat of course. For sitting. For any questions ask InfamousTaco.

ALSO - If you haven't seen the Garry's Mod TTT Video - Check it out!

And VOTE for it here on the Steam Community!


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