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Summer Of Events Video (=

Jul 01 2015 06:47 PM | Unicorn in Pages

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TF2 JB Mini Game Event!

Jun 26 2015 06:07 PM | Lala in Frontpage

Jailbreak mini game event!

The TF2 Jailbreak event will be at 8:00pm CST

All players must be on red

We will be only playing mini games for the event

The winners of each mini game will win a prize

The event will be on JB 2


We look forward to seeing you guys there!

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Summer Of Events: Weekly

Jun 20 2015 01:02 PM | Unicorn in Pages

Summer of Events: Weekly

Monday: Cards Against Humanity @ 9pm CST

Tuesday: Unturned @ 9pm CST

Wednesday: KitPVP Minecraft Event @ 9:30pm CST

Thursday: Karaoke @ 8pm CST

All events will meet in TeamSpeak (ts3.xtcr.net)
Events above will take place every week unless told otherwise.
On the calender in the Steam group, all of these and more events have been scheduled.

Please come to these events, not only does going to events support the community, it supports the division and its members. All their handwork isn’t for nothing, and all of these events are made for you. I’m sure one of these events caught your eye, so even if you aren’t good at PVP in Minecraft or you’re not the best singer, it doesn’t matter; ANY skill level is welcome at any event. Your support helps, in everyway.

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CS:GO Tournament!!!!

Jun 12 2015 04:09 PM | Unicorn in Pages

xTcR Gaming presents - The CS:GO Tournament

5v5 Tournament for $100 Prize Pool!

Registration:  http://join.xtcr.net/
Tournament Bracket: http://xtcr.challong.../xtcrcstourney2
Steam Group: http://steamcommunit...s/xtcrcstourney

Tournament Information:

⦁ Registration is OPEN until June 19th! Registration will close and teams will be locked at 11 PM CST.
⦁ There are two ways to sign-up! You can organize a team with a captain that registers that team or you can sign-up as an individual player and be randomly put on a team.

⦁ Players with skill level of Supreme or Global will be required to join free agency.
⦁ The $100 prize pool will be split between the team members that participated and distributed via Paypal or Steam market items value.
⦁ The tournament is single elimination up until the Grand Final match which is best of three maps.
⦁ Matches will start being played 6/20 and will continue through to 6/26. The Grand Final match will take place either on 6/27 or 6/28 depending upon availability teams.
⦁ Server information will be given to the teams on match day.
⦁ The default map will be "de_dust2" unless both teams agree otherwise.
⦁ Matches are best of 30 rounds. Ties will be determined in a tiebreaker best of 6 rounds (3 CT and 3 T rounds to be played) until there is a winner.


⦁ Teams are LOCKED once the tournament has started. Anyone found using roster changes during the tournament will be disqualified and forfeit the match.
⦁ Matches will need to be reported with screenshots of each match result to a moderator.
⦁ Disputes or issues must be reported immediately to tournament moderators.
⦁ Any form of cheating, map exploit, or hacking will result in disqualification and forfeit the match.
⦁ Each round of the tournament has two days to be completed. (Ex: Tournament starts on Saturday, teams have until EOD Sunday to complete and report the match.)


⦁ Teamspeak is ts3.xtcr.net. Teamspeak channels with passwords can be arranged for each team participating in the tournament.
⦁ Matches will be broadcast on TwitchTV (to be announced)

Tournament Moderator:

CawickZ - http://steamcommunity.com/id/CawickZ

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