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MC: Red Vs. Blue Event

Apr 17 2015 12:22 PM | Unicorn in Pages

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xTcR Shirts!

Apr 07 2015 09:13 PM | Sakura in Pages

The shirts will be a reward for a $2 donation or more! We need a head count on who is willing to get one and what size each person wnats! Thank You! If you donated recently u are included!

Check it out here! http://xtcr.net/topi...38-xtcr-shirts/

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First Contact Day 4/5/15

Apr 04 2015 11:53 AM | Kuro in Pages

hey guys, it's a bit of an xTcR tradition that every year on 4/5 we watch star trek: first contact

why is this a tradition? why on this date?


First Contact Day was a holiday celebrated to honor the flight of the Phoenix and first open contact between Humans and Vulcans on April 5, 2063 in Bozeman, Montana.


only 49 more years guys!!! break out the whiskey, grab a pirogi and meet me in teamspeak this sunday at 8pm cst for first contact!

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A Plan for the Future: Introducing xTcRr

Apr 01 2015 03:51 PM | Jaxnif in st00f

Introducing xTcRr aka xTcR 2.0!!!

Under the leadership of Kuro, I, along with Jack, Swagaloo, Rockstar, Kushlove, Kotton, Rain, and Sean, have devised a plan to increase our numbers and revenue while not totally fucking over the current clan.

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