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BattleField Hardline Event

May 26 2015 06:59 PM | Unicorn in Pages


Sunday May 31st @ 7pm CST

Meet in TEAMSPEAK: ts3.xtcr.net

COME AND PLAY!!!!!!!!!


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Help us make a difference!

Apr 29 2015 05:47 PM | Kuro in Pages


Hey folks! we wanted to write out to everyone to raise awareness for the recent incident in Nepal.

As many of you might know, Nepal has been devastated by a tragic disaster in the recent past. Close to 6000 lives have been lost in an earthquake that has been the strongest in 80 years.
Countless people are injured and many more have been affected due to the unexpected event. Countries across the globe have been combining efforts to help those affected.
Businesses have been matching donations, pledging resources and gathering people to send assistance to the country. Freebieservers.com , intends to do the same. We, hereby,
pledge 25 percent for all sales happening on our platform towards the cause. We'll be converting our sales figures to Bitcoin and pledging the same towards Red Cross and See Change for Nepal.

Over the course of the one year we've ran FS, we've had the joy of interacting with youngsters from around the globe. Our support ticket system has been a means of communicating with kids from rather disturbed regions.
Gaming offers a momentary relief from a tormented life as it enables individuals to move into a virtual realm, far from the disturbances of things beyond their control.
We believe we can use the same force for good, for change. Freebieservers intends to evolve into a system that utilizes its userbase to garner awareness and raise funds for causes that affect people around the globe.  

In order to help us with the initiative, you may simply head over to freebieservers.com and make a purchase. Alternatively, you can help us with the cause by sharing this with those in your circle.
Shall you choose to not purchase anything but directly donate, you may do the same via paypal or over 30+ Cryptocurrencies via


We will be converting the money to BTC and having it sent to the foundations every evening. The money can be tracked via the blockchain on this wallet

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TF2 Mario Kart Event

May 08 2015 07:47 AM | Unicorn in Pages

Posted Image

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Check this out!

Apr 26 2015 05:48 PM | Unicorn in Pages


ALSO: Come to these events!!!

MC Block Ops : 5/2/15 @ 10pm CST IP: MC.XTCR.NET

Cards Against Humanity: Every MONDAY night @ 9pm CST

iSketch: Every THURSDAY night @ 8pm CST


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