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xTcR Team Fortress 2 Jailbreak

General Rules & Guidelines

**Last updated 5/1/2015**

The Admin is ALWAYS right!
0. No Douchebaggery
- This has always been a clan rule and is the most important one you should follow.
- Don't be a nazi warden
1. Teams Ratio
- The ratio for Blue to Red, must not exceed 1:2(-1).
- Exs: 8(Blue) : 16(Red) = Ok, 8(Blue) : 15(Red) = Ok, 8(Blue) : 14(Red) = not Ok.
- If the ratio is not Ok, it's a RATIO FREEDAY, meaning the first Blue to die will be swapped until the ratio is fixed.
2. Blue's must have a functional microphone
-During a mic check you MUST say a sentence in order to pass mic check
- You must have a working microphone to play on Blue. If not, you will be swapped or teambanned if necessary.
- The Blue must be understandable; if not, they must pass warden and may be swapped.
3. As Blue
- Do not talk over the warden.
- English only when on blue
- The warden must give at least one repeat for the first set of commands to the Reds who requested it before killing them. This only applies to the Reds who didn’t do enough orders, and not the Reds who did other things besides those orders (i.e. running out of the cell without permission).
- You need to play along with warden's orders; if the warden asks you to go to BLUE knife pit, then you should go.
- Do Not join Blue if you're not willing to take warden when needed.
- You must remain close to the Reds at all times, unless going after a rebelling Red
- Blues can only turn on Friendly Fire if a warden is playing a game OR if it is a freeday.
4. As Red
- Do not talk over the warden.
- Don't be a smart alec about every order. If you get killed in the process, don't cry about it.
-If a blue warns you to stop following them and you continue, they can kill you
5. Mic Usage at the beginning of round
- All players must remain off their mic's for the first 30 seconds of the round, so the warden to give orders.
6. Blue's must leave armory 10 seconds after the round starts and cannot re-enter it
7. Red's can only spend 30 seconds in armory or they may be slayed
8. No Freeshooting
- Freeshooting(shooting/airblasting a red without reason) will result in a slay/ban.
- Which is all weapons, such as mad milk, jarate, holiday punch etc.
- This means ANY weapon that interferes with movement, favoritism, following orders, or disrupts game play as an individual and/or players as a whole."
9. Bait at your own risk
- If a Blue is in a "Red designated area" while reds are in said area (e.g. fall game) a red can then strike them. Bait can also take place if a Blue is in the striking range of a red without the need for the red to use any physical movement (excluding turning) to attack them
- If a blue falsely attacks/kills a red who attacked a baiting blue, that blue can be slayed."
11. No Hurt Yourself Orders
- Blues can not give the Reds an order that would force them to hurt themselves, EG: Jump in the Lava.
- Blues can also NOT give an order to a Blue teammate that would put that teammate in danger. i.e. "Hey blue, walk in front of the Reds real fast".
13. Last Blue
- The last Blue alive can kill the Reds until there is one Red left for Last Request.
- Killing all Reds until one is left is still optional, but if the round is lasting too long, actively seek out the Reds to kill them, in order to make the round end quicker.
- Try your best not to favor one Red for LR; Kill Reds that you see until there is one left.
14. Last Request
- The last Red alive gets Last Request regardless of any situation.
- Last request is current round only and must abide by these rules:
- He cannot simply kill all Blues, but the Red may kill the Blues for not following his orders.
- The Blues must follow his rules(within reason).
- Any game the Blues are forced to do, the Red must do too, and have an equal chance of dying in.
15. Friendly Fire
- Rebelling Reds ARE allowed to turn on Friendly Fire.
- During a freeday, anyone can turn on the FF button, and anyone can kill their teammates until Last Request.
- Blues may kill blues on freedays.
16. No personal freedays/favoritism
- This can include, specifying someone to be your pet, letting them sit a game out, Or specifically giving them an unfair advantage over other players.
- Games like "Salty Spitoon" are allowed, as long as the warden isn't blatantly providing favoritism towards a Red; this is left to any Member admin on the server to decide.
18. No exploiting
- Finding minor glitches or ways to exploit the server to your advantage is not allowed and will be dealt with harshly.
- Ex: As Blue, launching yourself out of armory at the very beginning of the round to open the cell doors and cause trouble.
-Late spawning is not allowed, only on first day free day is when late spawning will be okie dokie

Guidelines To Follow As Warden
1. Be creative! Don't be repetitive, be unique! If you have an idea for a game, make sure it is in line with the rules and go for it! Especially if you continue to stay warden for numerous rounds. If you can't do this, pass your warden to someone else who can.
2. Be fair to the other Blues; pass warden to someone else every now n' then.
3. Allow 3-4 seconds after giving a command for the Reds to start it. Sometimes your microphone doesn't reach them as quickly as you say your commands.
4. No console commands to Reds. I.E. Saying, "All Reds put '+right' in your console until I say stop."
5. Games that are not allowed are as follows:
- No Fish in a barrel
- No Hide and Seek
6. No Spam Trading
- It is okay to offer or ask someone for an item, but when you use binds/ask too often, it is not allowed.
- Type, '!hop', to connect to one of our three trade servers.
7. No in cell commands - cells are a free area, in their cells, reds can do whatever the fuck they want.

Map Guidelines
Chretien Metal Detectors
- If at ANY time a Red crosses the metal detectors, they can be shot.