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xTcR Team Fortress 2 Trade

General Rules & Guidelines

-No Douchebaggery
-No Scamming
-No Sharking or Deceptive trading practices
-No Hosting Raffles/Events
-No Begging for free items
-No trading CD keys, accounts, or anything that breaks Valve’s ToS (Terms of Service) or Steam’s SSA (Steam Subscriber Agreement)
-No mic/chat spamming
-One at a time on the mic
-Be polite and respect everyone
-No item/trade/price misrepresentation
-No calling votes
-No sending random trade requests
-No persistent camping of a teleport to a main part of the map
-Melee Only Rings (See Section Below for Details)
-No false tagging or impersonating xTcR members
-No recruiting or advertising for another server/clan
- No using game/map exploits for griefing/trolling
-No using teleporters to grief/troll
-Idlers may be subject to getting kicked when the server is full
-Know your prices, don’t advertise your trades with ridiculous prices

**Melee Only Rings**
-Melee only, NO guns (This includes every part of the arena, around the ring, in the arena spawn entrances, and the small side rooms)
-No Sentry guns or teleporters
-No RTD in arena

Weapon exceptions in the melee room (These weapons will be allowed in the melee arena)
-Rocket/sticky jumpers
-Mediguns, dispensers, mad milk, and sandviches for healing